Old cover art.

Since I’ve been revisiting this old comic book idea I had, I’ve been digging out pieces of the art I’d done for it.  I still really like the composition of it, but the girl in the middle is being replaced with a short haired red-head.  My style has certainly evolved since this, but it’ still one of my favorites.

Draining down.

Base art for some sketch cards that were never produced.  Based on urban legends and popular myth, the card series was supposed to illustrate different phobias that people held which had worked their way into an urban legend or campfire storytelling.  This was was showing a woman who gets sucked to the bottom of a local pool from the force of the drain.


Saw an Alex Ross image that was very similar to this sketch card I did not too long ago. The poses are almost identical, and I don’t know which of us drew it first, but one of the things I like most about it, is that you immediately know it’s Superman, regardless of not being able to see his face or symbol.